Published…..Mission Accomplished!

In mid-March, I visited my CPA who challenged me to start blogging and to write a book. It made think about different ways to share my passion, skills, knowledge and abilities to motivate, inspire and drive performance.

Having managed on all levels of an organization, I recognized that a significant gap needed to be filled to ensure that transition managers from a technical role to a management role needed support, coaching and mentorship to ensure success.

Look within your own organization or maybe yourself, once a high performer but not struggling to stay ahead of the game. What happened? The Peter Principle happened whereby talented front line staff members are promoted but not supported in their new roles to extend necessary to ensure success.

Setting realistic SMART goals and working with real FOCUS, I completed my first book only one day after my intended release date. I’m proud of the final product and feel strongly that it will help, guide, support, coach and mentor you or your managers to the next level of performance.

Click on link below… will take you to amazon site to review and purchase your own book…..see two book reviews below…. I would love to hear from you too.

Positude Leadership

Surviving as a manager in the ever-changing landscape of health care has never been more complicated than today. Positude Leadership provides the foundation on which one can be a successful leader and overcome almost any obstacle and, most importantly, create strong bonds with your frontline staff.

—Mark Smith, printshop coordinator

Positude Leadership is a practical how-to guide for tapping into your natural leadership talents, skills, and abilities. Through the lens of Walter Dusseldorp, who focuses high-performance organizations on individual- and team-behavioral capacity, you will learn simple lessons and practices to flourish in your personal and professional growth. Understanding how you can have a positive impact on everyone you encounter, every day, through every interaction, can unleash your leadership potential and touch the lives and careers of those within your sphere of influence.

—Lee Saviola, MS, DO, professional coach


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