Patient Safety!

Are we rolling the dice as it relates to Patient Safety?

Do you look at all the variables in the process of taking care of patients or just at the final outcome?

Do you belong to the 100% club or do you understand the realism of eventual failures?

You better be in the latter part to drive better outcomes.

It should be your mission not to be perfect but to reduce the likelihood of error by placing minimally 3 safety checks in every vital process.

We can and do fail from time to time however with multiple checkpoints it is much less likely that it will ever reach a patient.

Sit back with feet on your desk and take a moment to evaluate current processes to see if we truly three failures away from doing harm.

After you convince yourself that you have many processes that don’t meet the three step process.

What to do next?

Reach out to your Risk Management Department and request a Failure Mode Effect Analysis to be completed in your areas of operations. 

The results will likely shock you however it will provide focus and urgency to make a difference.

Google David Marx, JD to get his unique perspective on Patient Safety and three dice



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