Positive on Positude!

Time and time again, I proof to myself that being positive and live with positude inspires me to do better each day.

In my line of work, I see tremendouse heartache and sometimes wonder how people find the strength to move forward.

At these moments, I remind myself how fortunate we really are that we get to breath another breath. Therefor, never take a single heartbeat for granted!

Today, we have a common friend struggling to stay alive surrounded by his wife, family and friends who want nothing more than another chance. 

For that reason alone, since there are no guarantees in life, make sure that every conversation is left on a positive note with an expression of appreciation and love even when not seeing eye to eye.

We don’t know what tomorrow brings therefor what we do with today, actually this minute is all that really matters.

Live life with positude and share your zest for life while supporting those who struggle to hang on to theirs.

Positive on Positude!



Cascading Stress Syndrome!

We live in a world full of stress. Stress can be found all around us. Stress from our children, stress from our spouses, and stress from our work. 

Nothing is worse than the stress you receive from your boss because they are stressed by their bosses. It’s called cascading stress syndrome.

Question really is, can we stop this phenomenon or do we need to learn how to manage this phenomenon.

We need to learn to recognize this in it’s early stages and find ways to manage the impact of your bosses stress upon your staff members including yourself.

Once recognized, we need to take a step back and be empathetic to this real or perceived stress that causes this negative reaction.

Often, we want to come to the rescue by providing solutions but instead should take an approach of carefully listening. We need to learn to understand the problem, the root and be proactive in avoiding such inducers to stress.

This is not always possible, therefor at times we are better served by staying clear of the distressed to minimize the impact on the workforce at large.

Most importantly, we need to recognize when we cause stress to our workforce due to stresses from above.

One should use stress debriefing techniques such as excercise or meditation to find balance once again. One can also offer assistance by taking on a specific task that could assist or alleviate a stress that is causing the cascading effect.

Sometimes we just need to stay clear as this will pass too.