Make Positude Politics Great Again!

I have intentionally refrained from commenting publicly on our election cycle to prevent any turmoil within my own circle of friends or workplace.

Now that we have a duly elected our President-elect  Donald J. Trump as our fore fathers had intended, it is time to bring some positude into politics.

Both sides resorted to rhetoric that is Z rated to say the least. We need to transition from an election cycle filled with a plethora of false promises to making decisions good for our country and therefor its citizens.

I encourage the ruling parties to be collaborative and the opposition to protest peacefully using their constitutional rights to its fullest extend.

The President is the chief representative of all the people and should work for the people. His cabinet should be representative of our culture and ethnic make up including fair representation regardless of creed, sex, orientation or religion.

Bring positude back into politics means that we create solutions that are negotiated not imposed upon us. It means that all sides were heard and represented around the table where all sides have to give and take a little.

I’m truly hopeful that this will be the future of Washington. 

Foremost, I’m grateful to live in a Nation where one can believe in whatever and feel free to express this in a peaceful manner. Don’t abuse these rights!

May God Bless our Nation and make Positude Politics Great Again!


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