Challenges of Change!

We are in the midst of transformational change in Healthcare, just in case you have not noticed. Change is sometimes a choice however in our current Healthcare economic crisis, it is thrust upon us and better be ready to join the ride or risk to be left behind.

We can either run for the hills or embrace the opportunity to make significant improvements to our current systems.

Change rarely feels right at onset however if its done for the right reason based on solid practices, one will quickly see the benefits first in person before it can be measured from a far.

To prepare yourself for change, one needs to adjust their attitude by opening your shoulders thereby allowing new information to be received, processed and implemented.

It truly takes positude to ensure that you will commit enough time to drive success.

Change can only be effective if we remain proactive and receptive to change for long enough allowing a new norm to be established.

When it is your turn, embrace change with positude, be the change agent you want to see, lead through turbulent waters and have the stamina to see it through.




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