T’is the week before Xmas!

Sitting in the Palisades Mall watching thousands of people stroll by with arms full of goodies destined for unknown locations.

What are we doing to ourselves by going through the motions each year by purchasing often meaningless gifts on credit that will only complicate our lives even more.

How did we get caught up in this perpetual cycle of buying love and attention? Are we really doing our kids a favor by giving gifts they have no intentions on playing with for more than a few days or fill their minds with technology that prevents them from building vital relationships for life!

I wish we could hit a pause button on this particular holiday and take a step back to assess the true spirit of this season regardless of your religious background or believes.

If we did stop for just a moment, we would all see the truth that life is passing us by, we miss out those things that are truly important to us.

Spending real time in the NOW with your loved ones albeit your wife, husband, daughter, son or grandchildren or just someone your care for in your community. Have a non biased conversation about life and experiences from which we all can learn or just relate. 

Let’s make a promise to put at least one package under the tree or menorah filled with just pure love. Give yourself to someone who needs it or open your heart to someone that wants it.

It doesn’t cost any money but I assure you that it will fill your heart with joy which is priceless and doesn’t need to be paid off at 19.9%.

Live life to love, give love and receive love!