Positude Resolution!

Resolutions are set up to fail if goals are not realistic and achievable. We have a psychological need to sense success to keep our dopamine receptors happy.

Keeping a positive attitude towards realistic goal setting that is ambitious enough to make a measurable change.

Step goals are not only good ways to measure success it also allows you to celebrate intermediate wins and feel a sense of accomplishment without losing the momentum towards your next step goal.

Most importantly, don’t get down on yourself when you stray from your intended goal due lack of behavior. Instead recognize the behavior and make a positive correction towards your intended goal.

Everyday is a new beginning, yesterday is a bad check and tomorrow ain’t here yet. Living in the NOW will allow you to feel good for one day at the time and of course put a bad day behind you for a new beginning every 24 hours.

One thing we know for sure, if you want new results from your norm, it will require you to take a different and new action towards your desired results.

Maintaining positude in your life will allow you to live a better life.

Keep it positive with POSITUDE!



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