Be Resolute!

Be Resolute!

How many times do you make a resolution New Year’s Eve and follow through until your goals are accomplished?

All too often, we start off with passion only allowing external interference’s to distract us from the ultimate goal. Even more likely, we loose sight of our goal and lack the behavioral capacity to stay focused long enough to get to the finish line.

Just think back for just a minute, how well did you do with your last gym membership or weight loss program? Another example would be your goal to find a new partner or even a new job? Did you follow through with the passion and tenacity necessary to be successful?

Sadly, 80% of our resolutions or goals are never met. What do we need to do different to get the desired results?

First, we need to come to terms with the fact that there are no such things as quick sustainable fixes, these are merely band-aids that will need further attention in the very near future.

If you are to make a transformational change, be resolute in your approach. Expect that it will take as many as 2-3 months of sustained effort to reach a new norm. Although your technical ability or knowledge is of great importance, it is your behavior that needs to be kept in check to ensure success.

We are living in a 24/7/365 environment and are connected at all times which causes major distraction making it that more difficult to be successful.

To be successful, it takes great focus and realistic stretch goals. It is something you will need to do every day for a sustained period of time before transformation takes place. Adding more to your plate makes it that much less likely to be successful.

Limit yourself to 1-2 focused change behaviors and remain resolute. It is your behavioral capacity or lack there off that will determine the final outcome.



The Power of Giving Back!

The Power of Giving Back!

I get a surge of energy each time I have an opportunity to give-back, its my kryptonite! Albeit when sharing information, coaching a team, mentoring a student or lecturing to an enthusiastic group of conference attendees.

Are you a giver or a taker? It says a lot about ones personality.

I’m a giver, sometimes to a default. It’s difficult to say “NO” which at times interferes with the balance of life, home, wife and kids. Over time, I have become more aware to allow for regular kryptonite fixes and maintain equilibrium with my loved ones at the same time.

If you sit back and reflect for just a moment, you will identify key moments in life where someone provided you with a moment of brilliance or just a suggestion in kind that allowed you to make advances.

Now, do some self inventory, are you giving back and sharing your experiences that will allow someone else to advance.

Giving back is a life line for both the giver and the receiver. The giver received gratitude even without spoken word and the receiver will have an opportunity to share what he/she just learned.

I had the great fortune to be part of a life saving effort when a seven-year old boy went into cardiac arrest and was clinically dead for nearly ten minutes. It truly was a miracle when his heart started beating once again. Spin forward 18 years, this little boy is now a Registered Nurse and giving back every day.

It’s not all about the money, its about the moments in life when one can make a difference in another life. It’s my kryptonite albeit when saving a life or mentoring one of my staff members. It’s equally powerful. I’m also eternally grateful for those who shared vital lessons in life with me over the years.

Giving back or paying it forward, its the right thing to do. I highly recommend it to you too!


Accountability….Why is it so difficult?

Accountability….Why is it so difficult?
It might as well be dirty word, a vernacular that should not be used in a place of business. This seems to be the sentiment of most employees. The general feeling is that accountability is a variable at best or elusive for most.
Holding yourself accountable or being accountable is tightly linked to your behavioral capacity to confront lack of accountability. It makes for uncomfortable moments when you have to discuss failure to account or accomplish a defined expectation. Most of us will avoid confrontation by all means instead be passive aggressive or just ignore it all together.
Each time we fail to account as leaders, we lose the opportunity to learn and advance. Instead we keep the wheels spinning without moving an inch. In actuality, we are taking steps backwards each time especially with employees who are self-accountable and likely your high performers. It actuality, your credibility (refer to blog 4/22/2017) is at stake each time the right thing is not done.
How can we become accountable  in the workplace?
Let’s start by laying a foundation of clarity, by defining your expectations including the consequences for non-performance together with your staff member. Such a conversation will be easy with self starters and high performers however you will have your hands full with both the middle and low performers.
One fact is known about the human race, we are most likely to produce if we set the expectations ourselves. Therefor, as a leader, your job is to bring into context the larger objective and work with your staff member to develop what he/she is going to contribute. By setting the outcome goal and allowing this employee to define how he/she is going to contribute to accomplishing this goal, you are building a psychological contract that is more likely to get you the desired results.
Lastly, depending on the level of team member, you will need to have accountability check-ins to ensure that they remain on track to be accountable.
None of this will work unless you as a leader learn to provide constructive feedback and make time to be accountable yourself.
Accountability is not about punishment but rather about performance. Too much time is spent in contemplation and not enough time in holding open discussion and finding ways to be accountable and successful together.



What makes some one a credible person?

Is it just trust or is it much more? I would argue it is much more than simply trusting someone, It goes deeper, further, wider and it actually results into something.

It’s like building a house, its starts on a foundation of trust however once the walls go up, a roof is placed and interior is decorated, the builder/designer/decorator have gained credibility.

It’s no different in the work place and one needs to be careful to separate trustworthiness and credibility until the point of result at which  you can be a believer.

Trustworthiness, Credibility, Integrity, Believability, Tenability, Probability, Feasibility, Likelihood and Credence are therefore foundational in building Positude relationships with your peers in the workplace.

We all know what happens once a house is build on a shaky foundation, its just a matter of time before it all comes tumbling down.

Therefor your own credibility is something of paramount importance and needs to reassessed frequently and not only by looking into a mirror asking oneself. Using a 360 tool will provide you insight from above, below and your peers. Make appropriate adjustments after validation to ensure that your street credibility remains intact.

As a leaders, we are tasked to inspire and lead through context not control, therefor credibility is of utmost importance.


Who’s living RENT FREE in your head?

Who’s living RENT FREE in your head?

Its time for Spring Clean-Up!

The Sun is still rising from the East,  slightly higher in the skies, allowing the temperature to rise slowly to the point that everything around us comes alive once again.

It is also a perfect time for your semi-annual clean-up and I don’t mean just cleaning out the closets, putting away your winter cloths or deciding if you still fit in or look cool in the previous year summer wear.

It is time to find clarity in your professional & personal relationships by assessing who has been living RENT FREE in your head. Living with resentment, anger or dysfunction in your relationships, is like living in a house full of clutter.

Take a few basic steps to sort out your current partnership level with key players in your life by categorizing them into four levels;

  1. Synergistic
  2. Integrated
  3. Compatible
  4. Dysfunctional

Those who have been living RENT FREE in your head are likely the ones that you need to have synergism however you are at best compatible or dysfunctional at this time.

Your first step to recovery is to admit that something is not quite right and to be introspective to ones own behavior in the relationship before approaching the other party to sort things out. Ignoring the issues and allowing one to live RENT FREE in ones head will lead to an episode of “Hoarder” on the Discovery Channel.

Assess your current relationship, determine what the right level of relationship you should have and start developing an action plan to close the gap.

Be the grown up always, take that first step towards recovery by reaching out and conduct an active feedback session which will require you both to intently listen as well as being very specific in your concern statement with clear examples of dysfunction.

Maintain mutual respect and teacheability at all times… aim for a common bond and common understanding to get back to the desired level of functionality.

At the end of the day, you will feel much better and even lighter in your shoes. Clearing up dysfunction, resentment or a simple misunderstanding will lead to a brighter future.

Just remember that all vital relationships need regular maintenance and its best not to wait until it falls into dysfunction before addressing the issues head-on.

Don’t let anybody live RENT FREE in your head for any longer than absolutely necessary.




Tonight, I sat down at the dinner table with my guest from Holland. I observed Simone using a fork and knife to eat her pizza. That’s like a cardinal sin in a half-Italian household but the norm for Simone.

No matter if you use a fork & knife or simply fold it in half and eat it with your hands, the end result is exactly the same. Satisfied taste butts and a sense of fulfillment.

Is our way any better than their way? How many times have you seen somebody doing something different from the way you would do it but end up with the same quality results.

As a POSITUDE leaders, we should encourage acceptance of diversity and actually encourage it to promote creativity.

From diversity we learn much. Our patients will be better served when someone approaches a problem with their style of compassion, empathy and tolerance. We should learn different approaches of communicating with our patients. Different strokes for different folks.

As long as we keep SAFETY & QUALITY front and center in all we do, diversification will only enhance our abilities to improve our patients experiences.


Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

When was the last time you planned a long distance trip from East Coast to West Coast or maybe something a little shorter?

Did you just start driving or did you actually take time to plan out your trip?

You would never just go on a 2000 mile drive or even a 100 mile trip to see your favorite aunt.

Why would you start a new program, cut cost or improve a process without a strategic plan that is fully aligned with your community needs.

Its a big puzzle with each piece having its own purpose, place and story to tell.

Its not strategic implementation before strategic planning, although its human nature to jump to the solutions, instead we should focus on analyzing the root cause and effect before proceeding.

Performance without a real strategy, is like getting lucky on a scratch off ticket at your local Deli.

High reliability, Performance, Quality, and Safety doesn’t come by chance, it should be the core value of an organization, intertwined into the fabric of its existence. It should be a cornerstone of each strategic planning session that leads to an action plan that will to desired results.

Therefore, before you go cross country in a 1969 Mustang or develop a new program, take the appropriate strategic planning steps. Don’t cut corners or you will miss opportunities!