When was the last time you planned a long distance trip from East Coast to West Coast or maybe something a little shorter?

Did you just start driving or did you actually take time to plan out your trip?

You would never just go on a 2000 mile drive or even a 100 mile trip to see your favorite aunt.

Why would you start a new program, cut cost or improve a process without a strategic plan that is fully aligned with your community needs.

Its a big puzzle with each piece having its own purpose, place and story to tell.

Its not strategic implementation before strategic planning, although its human nature to jump to the solutions, instead we should focus on analyzing the root cause and effect before proceeding.

Performance without a real strategy, is like getting lucky on a scratch off ticket at your local Deli.

High reliability, Performance, Quality, and Safety doesn’t come by chance, it should be the core value of an organization, intertwined into the fabric of its existence. It should be a cornerstone of each strategic planning session that leads to an action plan that will to desired results.

Therefore, before you go cross country in a 1969 Mustang or develop a new program, take the appropriate strategic planning steps. Don’t cut corners or you will miss opportunities!





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