Its time for Spring Clean-Up!

The Sun is still rising from the East,  slightly higher in the skies, allowing the temperature to rise slowly to the point that everything around us comes alive once again.

It is also a perfect time for your semi-annual clean-up and I don’t mean just cleaning out the closets, putting away your winter cloths or deciding if you still fit in or look cool in the previous year summer wear.

It is time to find clarity in your professional & personal relationships by assessing who has been living RENT FREE in your head. Living with resentment, anger or dysfunction in your relationships, is like living in a house full of clutter.

Take a few basic steps to sort out your current partnership level with key players in your life by categorizing them into four levels;

  1. Synergistic
  2. Integrated
  3. Compatible
  4. Dysfunctional

Those who have been living RENT FREE in your head are likely the ones that you need to have synergism however you are at best compatible or dysfunctional at this time.

Your first step to recovery is to admit that something is not quite right and to be introspective to ones own behavior in the relationship before approaching the other party to sort things out. Ignoring the issues and allowing one to live RENT FREE in ones head will lead to an episode of “Hoarder” on the Discovery Channel.

Assess your current relationship, determine what the right level of relationship you should have and start developing an action plan to close the gap.

Be the grown up always, take that first step towards recovery by reaching out and conduct an active feedback session which will require you both to intently listen as well as being very specific in your concern statement with clear examples of dysfunction.

Maintain mutual respect and teacheability at all times… aim for a common bond and common understanding to get back to the desired level of functionality.

At the end of the day, you will feel much better and even lighter in your shoes. Clearing up dysfunction, resentment or a simple misunderstanding will lead to a brighter future.

Just remember that all vital relationships need regular maintenance and its best not to wait until it falls into dysfunction before addressing the issues head-on.

Don’t let anybody live RENT FREE in your head for any longer than absolutely necessary.



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