What makes some one a credible person?

Is it just trust or is it much more? I would argue it is much more than simply trusting someone, It goes deeper, further, wider and it actually results into something.

It’s like building a house, its starts on a foundation of trust however once the walls go up, a roof is placed and interior is decorated, the builder/designer/decorator have gained credibility.

It’s no different in the work place and one needs to be careful to separate trustworthiness and credibility until the point of result at which  you can be a believer.

Trustworthiness, Credibility, Integrity, Believability, Tenability, Probability, Feasibility, Likelihood and Credence are therefore foundational in building Positude relationships with your peers in the workplace.

We all know what happens once a house is build on a shaky foundation, its just a matter of time before it all comes tumbling down.

Therefor your own credibility is something of paramount importance and needs to reassessed frequently and not only by looking into a mirror asking oneself. Using a 360 tool will provide you insight from above, below and your peers. Make appropriate adjustments after validation to ensure that your street credibility remains intact.

As a leaders, we are tasked to inspire and lead through context not control, therefor credibility is of utmost importance.



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