I get a surge of energy each time I have an opportunity to give-back, its my kryptonite! Albeit when sharing information, coaching a team, mentoring a student or lecturing to an enthusiastic group of conference attendees.

Are you a giver or a taker? It says a lot about ones personality.

I’m a giver, sometimes to a default. It’s difficult to say “NO” which at times interferes with the balance of life, home, wife and kids. Over time, I have become more aware to allow for regular kryptonite fixes and maintain equilibrium with my loved ones at the same time.

If you sit back and reflect for just a moment, you will identify key moments in life where someone provided you with a moment of brilliance or just a suggestion in kind that allowed you to make advances.

Now, do some self inventory, are you giving back and sharing your experiences that will allow someone else to advance.

Giving back is a life line for both the giver and the receiver. The giver received gratitude even without spoken word and the receiver will have an opportunity to share what he/she just learned.

I had the great fortune to be part of a life saving effort when a seven-year old boy went into cardiac arrest and was clinically dead for nearly ten minutes. It truly was a miracle when his heart started beating once again. Spin forward 18 years, this little boy is now a Registered Nurse and giving back every day.

It’s not all about the money, its about the moments in life when one can make a difference in another life. It’s my kryptonite albeit when saving a life or mentoring one of my staff members. It’s equally powerful. I’m also eternally grateful for those who shared vital lessons in life with me over the years.

Giving back or paying it forward, its the right thing to do. I highly recommend it to you too!



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