The art of the “Compromise”, only effective and positude leaders understand the value of creating a WIN/WIN scenario. After all, it should not be about winning or losing, it’s about building enduring trusting relationship with your friends and foe.

Our behavioral capacity or lack thereof, prevent us all too often from addressing the most difficult issues such as conflict resolution or low performing employees.

Be introspective for just a minute, you will recognize that often you have made up your mind and committed to an outcome before hearing a single word from your adversary.

In some way, if you are to proceed, you can easy make things go from bad to worse. In other words, create losers on both sides of the equation although you might feel like a winner for getting your point across. In actuality, not much was accomplished and behaviors will not change.

As a Positude Leader, your mindset should be different. You are not looking to be right or to win a battle. You will be positioning yourself to for a win/win scenario instead.

Giving and providing feedback is vitally important in building lasting relationship especially with those whose relationships should be synergistic or integrated at minimum.

It’s time to formulate a strategy and develop a plan to address a difficult conversation. Don’t go into such scenario while upset or without proper preparation. Collect your thoughts and develop a scenario whereby you can show value in your relationship or specific positive performance elements that stand-out. Even your worst performing staff members have positive attributes, you might just have to search a bit harder.

It’s time to package your approach and set up a meeting on neutral grounds. Your mindset is not about being right but rather about finding common ground and common understanding.

As you sit across from each other in a safe environment, it’s time for the magic to take place. Time to be honest and straightforward from this point forward. Start the conversation by pointing out something positive before outlining with clarity your problem statement. If necessary, be prepared to provide context from actual events. Before transitioning to listening mode, make a value statement to this staff member to create a sense of security and pride.

Now it’s time to sit back and become an active listener, giving ample time, don’t rush this moment. Don’t get pulled into defense mode, it’s time to accept, appreciate and process what you are being told.

You are now ready to create the win/win scenario. Clearly state your objectives and pull the person into the solution by asking how they can contribute to meeting stated objectives which should be measurable and attainable.

If all goes well, both of you will walk from this with a better understanding of task at hand. Both will have a sense of accomplishment and commitment to bringing a solution to the table.

This approach often works however we need to be in the right mindset to execute this approach to increase successful outcomes.

Don’t avoid difficult conversations, be prepared and to compromise to create a WIN/WIN scenario.




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