Today was an extraordinary day, not unlike most days. However some days are better than others.

Today, I witnessed  our Diagnostic Team coming together to save a life!

Today, our Bariatric Team successfully received recertification!

Today, our Trauma Team provided a lecture on the Boston bombing medical response!

Today, I saw our Ambulatory Team operate in unison to provide our patients with exceptional care.

All this in just 8 hours, it’s truly extraordinary and almost ordinary for our institution.

Question is, how should we celebrate these exceptional “WINS”? Let’s give it a try;

Tomorrow, I will recommend our Diagnostic Suite Team for a “Kudos” award for exceptional performance under extraordinary circumstances.

Tomorrow, I will take a moment to personally acknowledge those who worked in unison to receive Bariatric recertifcation.

Tomorrow, I will write a personal note to our Emergency Manager to acknowledge her dedication and tenacity to ensure our safety and readiness for the unknown.

Tomorrow,  I will buy some Pizza’s for our OPD Support Team for making a difference every day by connecting the dots to ensure our patients receive the personalized care they deserve and so very much need.

As a Positude Leader, you need to model the behavior you seek from your team. To do nothing is not an option, to do what is easy like shooting of a quick email it just not enough, making time to celebrate the ”WINS” is simply the right thing to do.

Exceptional Skill, Extraordinary People!



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