Today was a special day, not only because I woke up this morning, cause I got to spent it at the Bronx Zoo with an exceptional group of Doctors, nurses, social workers and administrators to celebrate an extraordinary year of accomplishments.

Today, we learned about self-care through raising your mindfulness. Being hyper aware of self within your surroundings. 

Sounds like voodoo or another thing to do.

In actuality, supported through clinical research, mindfulness and meditation is a proven concept to reduce stress and live a fuller happier life’s.

Being in the moment to feel the cold air rushing through your nostrils upon inspiration followed by the warm air escaping while exhaling, is the pathway into a new awareness level allowing you to process both positive and negative energies. It is the difference between reacting and responding.

Tomorrow morning, try this for yourself before exiting your vehicle to start your day. Take three deep breaths in by inhaling over five seconds, holding for five seconds and finally exhaling over five seconds. Be mindful of each breath you take and each time your mind wanders away, bring it back paying close attention to each breath you take.

Pulses will slow and awareness will rise not to mention your happy centers within the brain will be filled with joy. Repeat as necessary to manage your stressors and proactively provide self-care to remain vigilant and mindful at all times.

Try meditation, it really works!



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