From our experiences, we develop our long term believes which often cause us to take certain actions that lead to results that are not necessarily aligned with our ultimate performance expectations. Something would have to change to get a different results.

Process this thought for just a second!

For example, someone growing up in the South is different from someone in the North. Same holds true for East/West World wide and one can even argue that it is very different from continent to continent and country to country. Each takes action on what they have experienced and believes they have formed albeit through independent thought or manipulated by a central government.

Let’s take a look at leadership, there too you can find a great range of styles and each comes from exposure to other leaders, teachers and mentors along the way.

Look at your own institutions and you will still find authoritarians, collaborators, followers, doers, and servants or a combination thereof.

Today, we look for inspirational leaders who have a range of leadership abilities that is consistent but nimble.

The healthcare world around us is changing so quickly, it will require us to be nimble and flexible both in vision and strategy. We need to be in a position to make thoughtful change on a dime to stay ahead or be left behind.

Bringing it a level down to leading a division, a department or a small team, the leaders ability to be flexible will determine his/her long term success. Authoritarians tell people what to do. Positude leaders inspire teams to perform through flexibility in design, execution and performance by empowering teams to determine their approach to meeting performance expectation which should be aligned to vision and strategic plan of the institution at large.

Providing latitude in leadership, allows for greater innovation by the team. It provides a sense of empowerment which in turns provides for greater engagement and commitment by team members. An engaged team member will provide better customer service to your patients.

Remain flexible!



One thought on “Flexibility!

  1. Good advice, I’ll start stretching ☺
    This was the discussion at family dinner last night although it seemed more like a lecture which ended badly. Many times being flexible both at home and work means letting go of control and accepting another way of doing things, whatever the outcome-I’m still learning!

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