Today, we celebrated “Freedom Day” in Holland. It marks the official day in 1945 when the allied forces liberated Holland from the German Third Reich.

My parents were teenagers and told us many stories about the dark days of war and the jubilant day when “FREEDOM” was once again realized.

It seems so long ago however our allied forces, often let by the United States Armed Forces, continue to fight in all corners of the World where evil can be found for our freedom.

At home, especially now that we have a President that is often referred to as a divider not an uniter, we need to not see this as conflict but as a benefit of our freedom to disagree without the risk of suppression or incarceration.

We are truly fortunate to be “FREE” to express ourselves regardless of sex, origin, creed, sexual orientation or color of our skin. We are lucky to live in a country where one can still go from rages to riches through hard honest work.

Today, is a great day to pay respect to those who gave the ultimate or simply part of their formative years to fight and protect our freedoms.

Forever grateful!



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