What is a common bond between all Nurses?

Kindred, Kind and Spirited!

Are these the right words to describe a Nurse?

Loving, Caring and Empathetic!

Certainly something that comes to mind when thinking of a Nurse.

Still, I’m searching for the right word to describe a Nurse.

Diversity, Forgiving and Non-Judgemental!

It fits the bill however still not strong enough.

I’m searching for that word, that one word that tells you all about Nursing.

Integrity, Trusting and Honesty.

I’m getting closer, what do I think of when a Nurse comes to mind?

I found it, that one word that describes all Nurses.

The thing that they do best, better than the rest of us.


Nurses never give up, they stay the course, no matter what.

Only when the job is done will they think of themselves.

It’s amazing to see Nurses at work.

We are the lucky ones to be cared for by Nurses.

However this week, it is our turn to care for our Nurses.

I’m proud to know you, live with you, work with you and be cared for by you.

I would not have it any other way.

You are my heroes!






One thought on “Perseverance! – Happy Nurses Week

  1. Amen well said. Happy Nurses week to my Jacobi family-some of the most caring, dedicated, and loving people to work with-who impact patient lives beyond words!


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