Pivoting is not the same as flip-flapping.

Flip-flapping is what politicians do in their attempt to satisfy all. If you want to be liked by all, you can’t be a leader!

Leaders on the other hand are mindful about their responses and ready to pivot away from a conversation or action that is heading in a direction that could spell conflict and trouble.

Therefore leaders can be politicians however their intent is to protect or advance not about wanting to be liked.

Furthermore, leaders need to be hyper aware of the current business cycle and be ready to pivot to prevent lose or to create opportunities.

The decision to pivot or not to pivot, should be a response that is thoughtful, understood, targeted and strategic not reactive in nature.

As leaders, we need to dedicate enough time to look for opportunities as well as focus on the future to find the next trend to ensure they are well positioned to minimize losses and maximize profits.

Pivoting at the right time is often the difference between winning and losing!




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