Mother’s Day

It all started many moons ago

Literally, under a beautiful blue moon

Together at last

Beautiful and forever

A tender kiss is all it took

Swept of your feet

Head over heels

In love with my Father

It takes two to tango

Without either there would be no ME

Immediately after conception

You became my mother

A caring, nurturing mother to say the least

You birthed me and held me tight

You supported, encouraged and pushed me to reach my potential

I’m forever grateful for being my mother!

Being a mother is truly a privilege

Something I will never accomplish

In actuality, I’m not man enough to be one of you

Wear that badge “MOTHER” proudly

For there can only be one mother for each child on earth

However, being motherly to many others is a calling

After all it does not matter

We all need love and there’s no better love than from your MOM

Mom, mother, motherly I love you forever



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