Urgency is in the eye of the beholder!

Leaders need to develop clarity in message, expectations and measurable objectives this would include a timeline from which team members get a sense of urgency.

I prefer to work in 90-day improvement cycles which sets an expectation that from start to finish. You will need to work consistently and conduct weekly check-ins for both accountability and to ensure project remains on track.

Let’s dig a little deeper to provide further insight on how to establish a sense of urgency but more importantly how to be accountable to self, team and organization.

No matter the request, each project must be scoped out appropriately to ensure success. An mile wide and an inch deep is not going to get the job done, it will lack focus and penetration to deliver results. It might look good at the surface however results are unlikely to sustain.

Your project scope should be an inch wide and a mile deep, focused with a clear sense of direction and outcome expectation that is measurable. You will accomplish this if you have the right people in the right roles on your project.

Now that the team is unified in focus, it’s time to select SMART metrics that will allow you to measure your successes toward the end goal. If its not specific, measurable, attainable, realistic or timely, you project is doomed from day one.

70%-80% of  projects that fail, failed to be scoped right, didn’t have the right people or it was not realistic. Don’t become that statistic.

To improve success, your team should meet at minimum weekly for a 30-minute check-in to see if each team member was accountable to his/her task for that week. Accountability is key, failure to deliver should have an agreed upon consequence.

At last, if you select the right measurable driver and outcome metrics, you will have the ability to review them weekly. Since you set the GREEN zone early in your project, the team should measure against this standard to gauge success.

Following these steps on a 90-day time line, you will likely work with a great sense of urgency and accountability increasing your successes.

Make sure to celebrate your WINS and LEARN from your failures.



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