I’m sitting in my chair on overcast Saturday morning reflecting back on the past few weeks wondering if my actions are both memorable and making a lasting impact?

As adults, we only have the capacity to remember about 10% of what we learn, experience or do to any level of great detail. If is wasn’t for the billion + pictures taken daily, many memories would be lost.

With that in mind, are our daily activities memorable or simply routine? Likely, it’s more often just routine, doing what we do every day. How can we change that or when should we change it!

As leaders, when you determine that information you want to share needs to be remembered and make an impact, one better do something different that is memorable.

FUN is often memorable, doing something spontaneous like a surprise party is a great way to lock a memory into place. Using anchors, like celebrating special events will allow especially adults to remember events including specific details for years to come.

To make it memorable, one needs to do something different.

Let’s look at an example I experienced just this morning. My wife Erica, daughter Kim and few coworkers from White Plains Hospital decided to run a “Warrior Dash” aka “Mud Run” 5K including 12 obstacles to conquer . If if wasn’t for the last obstacle whereby runners had to crawl through a fifty yard mud pit, the post event pictures would have had less impact and therefore less memorable.

The mud pit became the story because the pictures were dramatic and it took literally hours to wash away every last bit of it. It was the talk of the “Warrior Dash”.

My best advice is to be mindful during your experiences allowing true memories to be developed. As a leader, find “FUN” anchors to have an impact on your staff.



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