Looking for love in all the wrong places! I have searched all corners of the World but can’t find what I’m looking for. Only when I didn’t look, did it hit me squarely in the face, something that was meant to be, it was serendipity.

I think we all can relate to something like this in our personal lives albeit finding a husband, wife, or just a best friend.

Can it happen in your professional life as well? Simple answer would be “Of Course” and it does happen by chance on a regular basis.

If you go back into history, many medical discoveries were made not by design but by chance, an unintended side affect that cured diseases for which they had been searching but had not found one until now. Isn’t that the definition of serendipity?

In healthcare, although I suspect same holds through in many other industries, we tend to be somewhat predictable and conservative in our approaches. Creativity is thereby limited and in my opinion reduces the chances or finding valuable solutions you did not seek after.

If it is meant to be, it will be. However, allowing free thought and creativity in your solution approach to complex issues, sets your team up for greater success. It will also more likely spin off value not sought after because your team is not blinded or restricted in their approach.

If you sit idle or are too restricted in your approach, serendipity is unlikely to occur in your both personal and/or professional lives. Be mindful of the little things that are happening all around you each day, remain open minded to a potential solution and before you know it serendipity will have impacted you too.

Just don’t go searching for it!



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