Do you get angry, upset, emotional even feel like a personal failure when a project you are working on doesn’t end up crossing the finish line in first place but rather in last place?

I think it is absolutely appropriate for alpha driven highly competitive leaders to go through several stages of grievance which could include any of the above deep personal feelings.

However, a leader who fails to learn from failure is doomed to repeat. A Positude Leader will embrace failure as an opportunity for improvement and growth even if they take some time to grief initially.

Complete a postmortem on all failed projects as there’s much to be learned. Using a tool such as “Root Cause Analysis” or a “Fish bone Diagram” will allow you to breakdown the process steps used to identify the single or multiple failure points.

Now, don’t stop once you have identified the failure point(s), its time to convert failure into an opportunity. Too often, we fall short in this department, most likely due to the fact that we lack the behavioral capacity to confront the human component. It’s time to be self-reflective and be a leader, complete a bi-directional critical feedback session in a safe environment to ensure that both the leader as well as the participants learn from these events.

Critical feedback is not a witch hunt but rather a growth opportunity. Same goes if you identify yourself as the failure point (likely due to lack of communication or not including the right people in the right roles), it might be time for a sincere apology to your team and hit the reset button for a do over but this time using the failures as opportunities for improvement.

Failure to recognize failure as an opportunity will ensure failure in the future.

Take advantage of the opportunity to learn therefor your failed project was not completely lost to failure!




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