Over the many years of coaching, mentoring and being coached and mentored, questions regarding loyalty come up frequently however answering these questions is not that easy.

Loyalty on its own is something that is admirable, appreciated by most and can lead to advancement.  However loyalty can also hold you back and potentially lead you down a path of compromising your own moral values and ethical standards.

By nature, I’m a loyal person to both those I work for and with. I do however use a red line theory to assess if my loyalty continues to be earned or is deserving. Once a person lies or cheats, I’m instantly more skeptical and will pull back to reassess. One can earn back that loyalty by recognizing and/or apologizing for misgivings. I’m certainly a believer in second chances however loyalty is not something that should be taken lightly or taken for granted.

Your loyalty needs to be assessed regularly to ensure it is truly a two-way street. It’s not always about them but is should be about us. Give and take, transparency through good and bad, critical feedback and celebrating successes are all vital components of a loyal relationship with both your boss, peers and subordinates.

The most important kind of loyalty is to your patients without compromise. Our patients should be at the center of our focus and deserving of a deeply committed workforce for their personal gain. Your patients will return on your investment and commitment by making your facility their choice to receive exceptional care from cradle to grave.

Just like your patients, leaders have options as well, loyalty is a strong asset but know when that loyalty is compromised or taken for granted.

Loyalty is earned and it certainly is a currency that can lead to greener pastures!



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