When one is too many!

Over the past few months, I have observed some peculiar behavior that spiked my interest and need to explore a bit further.

Is it normal for staff to say on a Friday morning “TGIF” or “I need a shot of Tequila”? Is it an expression of happiness another week has gone by or signs of frustration that requires a stiff drink to drown the sorrows of the past work week!

One can never assume, as leaders, we need to be in tune with both our feelings as well as those of your staff.

There’s a fine line between drinking socially and drinking to forget which often can lead to addiction to whatever your drug of choice is.

When you observe behaviors or hear a worrisome descriptive, it time to take action. Sitting in waiting can lead to periling moments if early signs & symptoms of depression, burnout or addiction are ignored.

Taking action might just simply ask the person if all is OK. You can share your observations in a neutral environment with great empathy and without passing judgement.

For that matter, be honest with oneself, am I consuming alcohol, drugs, or using work, sex or gambling to overcome a deficit or to drown out your sorrows.

Listen to those around you mindfully and often you will pick up on nuances that provide clues to the underlying root cause albeit it stress at work or at home, a sick parent, bankruptcy or a tragedy of any kind.

Just because someone seeks a stiff drink on a Friday evening, doesn’t make that person an alcoholic however abusing anything will lead to precipitous situations.

Be supportive and understanding, be emphatic without crossing over into their personal space, be mindful in your listening and pick up on the  clues left behind. Intervene when necessary or simply reach to make sure all is OK.

My most important lesson which I learned the hard way myself, is to relate and not to compare.

If you are worried about someone, reach out to them today, don’t wait till tomorrow cause tomorrow might not bring a new day for them!



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