Diversity & Tolerance a must have!

Diversity & Tolerance a must have!

Today, for the first time ever, my family attended and participated in the NYC LGBTQ Pride Parade representing NYC Health + Hospital/Jacobi in support of tolerance and diversity.

My wife and I decided to bring our two kids Maia & Max along for the experience. It taught them a valuable lesson to be open-minded and accepting of alternate life styles even if you don’t care for it.

After all, it’s the Twenty-First Century and we have come a long way in fighting for Civil Rights and Equality for all. Today, it was time to show support for equality regardless of who you love or how you love as long as the love is pure and respectful.

As Positude Leaders, we open our arms to all regardless of color, creed or sexual orientation. As leaders, it is our job to inspire and bring the best out of all members on out staff. It is our responsibility bring diversity into the workplace to maintain balance and creativity that is representative of all cultures especially of those we serve.

Together we are stronger, stronger because of tolerance and non-judgmental behavior.

I tip my hat to the organizer of today’s parade where more than 450 groups marched down 5th Ave in New York City.

I support Pride Month in New York!



Be mindful of Platitudes!

Be mindful of Platitudes!

Substance over platitudes, sounds like a fine dish at your local restaurant! Have you ever come across someone who had the lingo down but nothing to back it up? Of course, we all have at one time or another. Question remains, have you been guilty of the same?

In Healthcare, over the past five years or so, we have been through a significant transformation and in the process many buzz words have popped up to support these efforts such as; high reliability, quality, safety, access to care, flow, process mapping, affinity diagrams, Pareto charts, etc. However many don’t have a full understanding of the true meaning or intended use which can lead to disastrous scenarios.

Be mindful when presenting to an individual or a group that you are fully prepared to not only go skin deep but ready to take a deep dive into the trenches. Your ability to take platitudes into substance will strengthen you position. Backing up platitudes with hard data and evidenced based practices will elevate you to some one who “talks the talk and walks the walk” or in other words has credibility.

It is quit alright to use a platitude as long as you don’t pretend to be a master with nothing to back it up. If you do, at some point in time, you will run into someone who’s been there and done that which will only lead to your demise. Don’t fall into this trap!

Staying true to yourself and using platitudes only when appropriate with substance to back it up, will allow you to be that much more effective.

Think of it this way, a soccer player who wears the most expensive cleats and uniform is not necessarily the best player on the field.

What you say and do matters, be proud of what you know and have done however never stop learning, experiencing, and sharing.


Can we convert “NAY” Sayers?

Can we convert “NAY” Sayers?

Over the years, I have had the opportunity work with some real characters but none stand out more than the ones that are persistently negative. Pure negativity is one of the only things that gets my blood boiling and I have to be constantly aware to prevent a nuclear meltdown!

We all have experienced this throughout our professional carriers… two types of personalities we won’t forget soon….there’s always someone that has done, seen, or experienced every possible scenario and there’s always someone who starts off with “That’s not going to work”… my blood is starting to boil… time for some cold water!

Without going into the psychology of negativity, question remains; can we break this cycle and regain some sense of normality with perpetual “nay” Sayers?

I believe that these types of personalities are no different than a LP needle being stuck on the same track……after a while it is their new norm, a bad norm might I say!

After years of operating from that side of the brain, it will take a hard reset to get them back on track. This is where your leadership and behavioral capacity comes to task. The “nay” Sayer most likely is not aware of their own negativity until somebody works up the courage to provide critical feedback not by placing blame but rather show them the impact of their attitude on team mates and limits to creativity!

Having this conversation will be first step to their recovery… not perfection!

Don’t give up on the ole LP yet! For you millennials, google search Long Playing Record…..lol! Often all it takes is a little nudge!


Only when you change the Game!

Only when you change the Game!

Einstein… one of the wisest man of our ages… once said “Definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting at different outcome”

How often do you see this around you?…. needless to say, you have never participated in or led such activity right? It’s like a gambler who goes back to casino night after night and only wins; at least that’s what he says but we all know better.

Real question is… Why do we participate in such insane activities knowing that the outcome is going to a variable of the same? It’s our behavior or unwillingness to be different or take a risk that prevents us from changing our approaches.

If you are not convinced, read first 30 pages of “Change the Culture, Change the Game” to see the results once a brave leader takes charge and breaks the perpetual cycle of insaneness.

Results are not guaranteed….sounds like an infomercial…lol

Failure to change the game will lead to eventual disaster therefor the alternative holds true that you might as well change up the game and go down in flames if it fails to make the difference…. I’m not recommending this however it does sound interesting.

What I do recommend is for you to ensemble your team and clearly spell out the current state of affairs and gain understanding. What has gone wrong that has landed you in this current state. Next, as a leader, identify go-to leaders within your department and start by challenging them to think differently and out of the box to come up with new strategy of performance.

Encourage creativity and empower them to find sustainable solutions. It is amazing to see what has been harboring within your talented staff but went untapped until now.

“Change the Culture, Change the Game”


Happy Father’s Day in Heaven

Happy Father’s Day in Heaven

Happy Father’s Day in Heaven

You are gone but not forgotten
Once Big and Strong
Now just a memory

However not just a memory

You literally appear when least expected
Albeit in spirit
Powerful nonetheless

Sometimes I wish I could have you back
Just a few more minutes

Although all grown up myself
Now fending for family
Striving to an awesome Father
It would be nice
To have a bit more time

Sharing some thoughts
Receiving some wisdom
Or just a lending hand

I’m thankful that you were my father, as we only have one of those
I know you will be there when I need you most

Happy Father’s Day in Heaven

May God Bless your Soul!


Encourage Creativity over Capital!

Encourage Creativity over Capital!

Most of us in Healthcare have many more needs than our budgets can support. That leaves you with two choices, either you get frustrated or become creative.

A positude leader will always chose the later and opt for empowered creativity.

Do we still possesses the power of CREATIVITY? Do we still think with both sides of the BRAIN? Or are we just stuck in the habit of acquiring rather than creating?

Actually, I’m a strong believer that those who have little are most resourceful and learn to manage with little or nothing at all. They also tend to be more satisfied with the little things in life both at home and at work.
As a positude leader, you need to encourage CREATIVITY and EMPOWER staff to think outside of the box. This does not come natural for most staffers, not that they don’t want to, but because they have not been allowed too. Some of this is perception versus actual however perception needs to be countered through empowerment.
You will be AMAZED how creative staff can be when allowed and what CAN be done with very limited resources. All you need to do is set the stage!
Creativity allows you to stretch a dollar in many ways just don’t forget to be creative in your own way to acknowledge staff for their creative ways of getting the job done!
Encourage your staff to be the change they want to see!