A day of elimination

Elimination not of the weak but that of circumstance

Chasing fiscal responsibility

Coming at a high cost

Human lives affected

Causing conflict in the mind

What is right about something that feels so wrong

Sadness is overwhelming as we say good-bye

Will I see you again or are you gone forever

It is time for reflection

Although, it is not yet time to talk about the future

Losing ones job is just the beginning

What about all those friendships and shared feelings

Not to mention the worry about what tomorrow brings

Surround yourself with friends & family

Those who care no matter what

When the time is right, you will see a future

Grateful for every sunrise once again

As this is not your death once put into perspective

Instead a new beginning

Garner your energy and passion

Focus on the task at hand

Activate your network and leave no stone upturned

With every breath you take

Be grateful that you can

Live another day surrounded by all this beauty

However for now, it is quite alright to just grief

We are family and will be there at your side

Together we will conquer tomorrow

But for right now

I will shed a tear on your behalf

Since no words can mend your pains

Once you are ready, you will see

Tomorrow is another day

A time to pick up the boot straps

Accept your fate and fight for another day

For that I’m grateful

Forever and a day!





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