As leaders, we will face many difficult situations and scenarios that require deep mindful thought to navigate turbulent waters. If we do this well, impact although real, can be mitigated and at times turned into a positive or a new opportunity.

Leading through context rather than control, by taking your time to thoroughly explain the “WHY”, you can bring perspective to a situation that seems rather one dimensional to the receiver.

Leading with Positude, requires you to respond rather than react. Responding to a question, scenario or imminent situation is mindful, well thought out, transparent and foremost honest. It does not mean that you have all the answers or try to justify the actions. Your job as a leader is to make it multi-dimensional to put it all into perspective.

Difficult decisions need to be made, often at a high cost in short-run however necessary for long-term gain allowing for a greater impact.

Paint a picture with great detail including immediate and future impact to provide a sense of direction and dimension. Be empathetic in the process, you EQ must be in high gear. You don’t have to be right or win, you have to lead through context by explaining the “WHY”.

During times of high emotions, one tends to react at a time one should be a deep listener. It is perfectly alright for staff to feel deep emotions, even to be expressive or angry at times. It indicates they care deeply about what they feel. Allow them to debrief as you absorb the information, take some time to process before responding at all.

Sometimes, people just want to be “Heard”!



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