After a whirlwind week of highs and lows, from job eliminations to celebrations. I’m truly thankful for having a job and proud of being recognized by my peers for efforts to advance Healthcare Management Excellence.

During times of turmoil and a sense of loss, one needs to think about all those things they are grateful for in life. Even when the sense of loss will be overbearing post eliminations, reflecting back on the things that truly matter should damper the negative and highlight the positive.

Let’s give it a try;

Grateful for having the honor to serve my patients who need us most.

Grateful for leading talented, dedicated and mission driven teams.

Grateful for being recognized by my peers.

Grateful for my family especially my beautiful, smart and well rounded kids.

Grateful for being supported in my ambitious endeavors.

Grateful for everyday on earth which I promise to never take for granted.

Grateful for being trusted by my patients.

If you follow this exercise, you will start shaping your thoughts away from sadness and head towards gratefulness which is a life line to living with Positude. 

Don’t dwell on what you don’t have, instead, be mindful of what you have right in front of you which is often a lot. Break the downward spiral with thoughtful and mindful reflection on gratitude.

If you don’t have some gratitude, get some, its a lifeline to longevity.



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