How many of you play darts in the dark or play baseball without bases or soccer without goals? Likely not too many of you do. Then why is it, when managers are asked if their roles & responsibilities are clearly defined, they often state that they have a sense of direction but not exactly sure what success in their respective area looks like. It’s like running a marathon but not sure where the finish line is!

Clarity of purpose, defining the objectives, setting SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely) goals are foundational in setting up a 20/20 Vision.

As a positude leaders, you have made a promise to “Lead through Context, not Control”, this is your defining moment. Developing a 20/20 vision is not done in isolation but rather through conversation, discussion and even trial & error. One needs to find the right approach which can be different from manager to manager however the foundational guiding principles of clarity in purpose, developing measurable objectives and setting timely deliverance are the corner stones of success.

As a leader, don’t be hesitant to seek out your boss for clarity of purpose or assistance in defining goals based on your company’s mission, vision and strategic plan. You can’t interpret or promote a clear vision if it’s cloudy to say the least. Often not enough time is spend on this subject therefor tend to rely on our instincts as well as assumptions which can lead to failure.

Be careful and mindful before proceeding, success and performance can only be achieved if one knows and understand how to score goals.

Having 20/20 vision is an absolute must to becoming a high reliabiity/high peformance organization!



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