I’m sitting in small gym in Congers NY, watching 4th & 5th graders attempting to play basketball. Their passion and exuberance is obvious however their skills don’t quite match up with their own expectations. 

Can you relate to this at work? Think of your young talent or recent graduates.

Fresh out of college with a fancy diploma, validating they learned a lot in theory however still short on practical skill.

The solution for each scenario is lots of practice without cutting corners, learning the hard way through sweat equity.

As a positude leader, it is your role to recognize the need for consistent, meaningful positive feedback as your young stars in the making find their way around.

Failing to be proactive could potentially hamper your young talent from reaching their potential. Set them up for success not mediocracy, start each day off the right way by setting clear expectation and coaching for success.

It’s quite ok for them to struggle through an assignment since struggling can build strength and stamina. Appreciate the difference between struggling and faltering. As a positude leader, you never allow someone to falter as that is a sign of your own failure to lead and inspire.

Practice makes Perfect, hard work and perserverance will provide a return on investment both for your young talent as well as yourself!



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