I earned it, I worked hard, out performed others and never said no to any opportunity that presented itself. Finally the opportunity to move up, I get to manage people not just processes. I think I’m ready, I knew what to say in my interview but now what? I’m just a bit scared and not so confident that I can manage and lead instead of doing it just myself!

These are very typical feelings although rarely expressed by these alpha driven personalities whom are promoted from doers to managers or leaders. However, it is a real feeling and a true concern. A stress that should be eliminated by acknowledging this phenomenon and supportingĀ transitioning staff into their new roles.

As a positude leader, now is your time to rise to the occasion and be the consummate supporter especially through the first six months. Establish a broad, strong and durable foundation from which managerial and leadership skills can be build. Encourage your staff to participate in leadership development courses and find a mentor that can provide guidance and insight different from that of a boss.

Their success is going to be your success, make time for them, guide them, shape them, nurture them, empower them and allow them to explore in a safe environment. Often, you will need to hold them back from running too fast or doing things themselves. As high performers in their previous roles, they will likely want the same in their new role but might not have the skill set to perform. This ultimately can lead to failure and is the definition of the “Peter Principle”.

Be aware and mindful of the “Peter Principle”, it is your responsibility as a positude leader to be preventative and proactive in support of your recently promoted staff.



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