Aimlessly working without purpose just to make ends meat is not the preferred way of life. Sadly it is for many in our society. Life is too short to live or work without purpose.

Question remains, how can you find purpose in your daily activities without knowing and understanding oneself first?

Your kids, spouse, family or even friends can give you great purpose and satisfaction in life however most of your time will be spent at work. Working without passion or understanding of purpose could severely limit your happiness and quality of life.

Its time to complete a self-inventory and do some deep soul-searching to get to know oneself first. What makes you tick, what gives you energy, what gives me pleasure and happiness in life. Leave no stone upturned, go beyond what you have already experienced and you are likely to uncover things you didn’t know about yourself.

To get you started with sorting out your sense of purpose and how it could apply to your life, let me share a few of mine;

  • Being an example to my children Abigail, Kimberlie, Erik, Maia and Max
  • Working in a mission driven environment
  • The privilege of coaching and mentoring
  • Having a sense that I make a difference in someone’s life each day

These are just four examples that will get me up each day with a sense of purpose. It gives me focus, energy and passion which are essential elements of happiness.

Therefor no matter the circumstance, if you really understand your sense of purpose, you can link it to daily activities in your workplace. If you can’t, its time to start your search for purpose.




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