Sitting in anticipation is like sitting on needles… you can’t sit still, you are nervous and full of anxiety. Strangely enough, it is the same feeling for both an anticipated positive or negative experience. It plays with the fringes of your nerve endings that either end up with a dopamine rush (happy receptor sites in the brain) or shear disappointment and sadness.

Since my cup is always half full, let’s explore the positives of anticipation!

If you know there’s a reward at the end of the rainbow which you hold dear to your heart, one will work twice as hard to get that win. Willing to go the extra mile and leave no stone upturned to get to that finish line.

A reward can only be valued by the receiver to have its fullest effect. Therefor, it is of utmost important in your work group to identify individual intrinsic drivers to select the right reward or winning feeling for each individual. Failure to select what they find most valuable is a failure in leadership on your part. This is not the time to assume if you desire the full benefit.

Once you have selected the right reward and define a crystal clear expectation using your SMART goals, now it’s time to sit back to watch the magic of anticipation. Your staffers will work with nervous anticipation with a belly full of fire knowing that at the end the process there will be something of value albeit additional responsibility, a promotion, a monetary bonus or time with a loved one.

If you play this right, you can take full advantage of the adrenaline surge that comes along with anticipation.



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