Are you prepared to tell your story? You never know when that moment arrives, often with little notice if any at all. Right now, right here is your opportunity to address an individual or a room full of people. Are you ready to be Pithy?

When that moment arrives, you want to be ready. Ready to tell your story, define that problem or present that elusive solution.

Let’s see if you are ready for that moment. Go to the nearest mirror and tell yourself in 30-seconds or less what someone should know about you. Sell yourself with passion and precision.

How did you fare? Likely not as well as you had hoped for. Don’t panic, most are in the same boat. Its not a failure but an opportunity to work a bit harder on developing your message.

Like all great messages, it should have a start, middle and a strong finish. More importantly it should be delivered with confidence, passion and the right amount of Pithy!

Crisp , to the point, memorable, impact-full, consequential and  precise are attributes of an awesome 30-second elevator speech. Practice makes perfect.

Being told that you were Pithy during a presentation is actually a compliment….who knew!



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