Most of us in Healthcare have many more needs than our budgets can support. That leaves you with two choices, either you get frustrated or become creative.

A positude leader will always chose the later and opt for empowered creativity.

Do we still possesses the power of CREATIVITY? Do we still think with both sides of the BRAIN? Or are we just stuck in the habit of acquiring rather than creating?

Actually, I’m a strong believer that those who have little are most resourceful and learn to manage with little or nothing at all. They also tend to be more satisfied with the little things in life both at home and at work.
As a positude leader, you need to encourage CREATIVITY and EMPOWER staff to think outside of the box. This does not come natural for most staffers, not that they don’t want to, but because they have not been allowed too. Some of this is perception versus actual however perception needs to be countered through empowerment.
You will be AMAZED how creative staff can be when allowed and what CAN be done with very limited resources. All you need to do is set the stage!
Creativity allows you to stretch a dollar in many ways just don’t forget to be creative in your own way to acknowledge staff for their creative ways of getting the job done!
Encourage your staff to be the change they want to see!


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