Einstein… one of the wisest man of our ages… once said “Definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting at different outcome”

How often do you see this around you?…. needless to say, you have never participated in or led such activity right? It’s like a gambler who goes back to casino night after night and only wins; at least that’s what he says but we all know better.

Real question is… Why do we participate in such insane activities knowing that the outcome is going to a variable of the same? It’s our behavior or unwillingness to be different or take a risk that prevents us from changing our approaches.

If you are not convinced, read first 30 pages of “Change the Culture, Change the Game” to see the results once a brave leader takes charge and breaks the perpetual cycle of insaneness.

Results are not guaranteed….sounds like an infomercial…lol

Failure to change the game will lead to eventual disaster therefor the alternative holds true that you might as well change up the game and go down in flames if it fails to make the difference…. I’m not recommending this however it does sound interesting.

What I do recommend is for you to ensemble your team and clearly spell out the current state of affairs and gain understanding. What has gone wrong that has landed you in this current state. Next, as a leader, identify go-to leaders within your department and start by challenging them to think differently and out of the box to come up with new strategy of performance.

Encourage creativity and empower them to find sustainable solutions. It is amazing to see what has been harboring within your talented staff but went untapped until now.

“Change the Culture, Change the Game”



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