Over the years, I have had the opportunity work with some real characters but none stand out more than the ones that are persistently negative. Pure negativity is one of the only things that gets my blood boiling and I have to be constantly aware to prevent a nuclear meltdown!

We all have experienced this throughout our professional carriers… two types of personalities we won’t forget soon….there’s always someone that has done, seen, or experienced every possible scenario and there’s always someone who starts off with “That’s not going to work”… my blood is starting to boil… time for some cold water!

Without going into the psychology of negativity, question remains; can we break this cycle and regain some sense of normality with perpetual “nay” Sayers?

I believe that these types of personalities are no different than a LP needle being stuck on the same track……after a while it is their new norm, a bad norm might I say!

After years of operating from that side of the brain, it will take a hard reset to get them back on track. This is where your leadership and behavioral capacity comes to task. The “nay” Sayer most likely is not aware of their own negativity until somebody works up the courage to provide critical feedback not by placing blame but rather show them the impact of their attitude on team mates and limits to creativity!

Having this conversation will be first step to their recovery… not perfection!

Don’t give up on the ole LP yet! For you millennials, google search Long Playing Record…..lol! Often all it takes is a little nudge!



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