Today, for the first time ever, my family attended and participated in the NYC LGBTQ Pride Parade representing NYC Health + Hospital/Jacobi in support of tolerance and diversity.

My wife and I decided to bring our two kids Maia & Max along for the experience. It taught them a valuable lesson to be open-minded and accepting of alternate life styles even if you don’t care for it.

After all, it’s the Twenty-First Century and we have come a long way in fighting for Civil Rights and Equality for all. Today, it was time to show support for equality regardless of who you love or how you love as long as the love is pure and respectful.

As Positude Leaders, we open our arms to all regardless of color, creed or sexual orientation. As leaders, it is our job to inspire and bring the best out of all members on out staff. It is our responsibility bring diversity into the workplace to maintain balance and creativity that is representative of all cultures especially of those we serve.

Together we are stronger, stronger because of tolerance and non-judgmental behavior.

I tip my hat to the organizer of today’s parade where more than 450 groups marched down 5th Ave in New York City.

I support Pride Month in New York!



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