Do you think your weight, stamina, snoring, chronic diseases, insomnia, alcohol consumption, or smoking has any impact on your ability to be an effective positude leader?

Let’s go the unscientific route, although there’s plenty of evidence that all of the above are potential negative contributors to being effective in life.

Let’s assess your own fitness for a minute. Nobody is watching, and there’s no need to write anything down—just a moment of pure honesty with yourself.

I fibbed—I was watching and listening. You are right; you should lose those extra ten pounds, improve your sleeping pattern, reduce alcohol consumption to weekends only, and finally, go see your physician for a plan to control any addictions.

Effective leadership requires you to be in equilibrium with the mental, physical, and relationship states of mind. This will require you to carefully map out where you are today and what you can attain within a reasonable period of time. Make yourself the next process-improvement project.

To be very honest, I have been working on each of these vital components and continue to struggle with some more than others. The fact that I’m committed to being a better human physically and mentally allows me to continue to grow as a leader and person. Trust me—it’s a work in progress.

This is one of those topics that are deeply personal to the reader and also the most frequently disregarded topic if action is not taken immediately.

To change, be the change you want to see.


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