Have you ever been in a presentation with someone who pontificates with what appeared to be deep subject matter knowledge only to be falter once the first question is asked requiring actual depth and expertise in the subject at hand?

Have you ever experienced this yourself? It’s a professional dangerous position to be in and something that could potentially harm your integrity and reputation.

The simple answer is to never bloviate, it will blow up in your face!

At some point in time you will run into a person who has actual expertise and see through your superficial knowledge and likely will point that out in front of your peers.

Speaking at length without real substance is not a wise undertaking when attempting to establish yourself as a professional who has integrity. Sometimes its just better to listen than to speak beyond your knowledge base. You will get greater respect from your peers if you ask substantive questions from which all can learn rather than to bloviate and waste everybody’s time.

Although we are students of life, we can’t be experts on everything nor would anyone expect you to be an expert on everything. Each of us will take a liking to a certain interest or topic, if necessary for your line of work, apply yourself to become an expert with deep knowledge on a subject matter.

Once the opportunity arises, its your turn to contribute with integrity, professionalism and substance. Together, you will be stronger than anyone on their own.




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