I wrote this blog about a year ago, once again, we need remind each other to not only protest for change in our gun laws such as robust background checks for ALL gun purchase, access to mental health and for ALL of us to “disconnect to connect”. We need to be in tune with out society and be more vigilant in identifying at-risk behavior.

Regardless of our your political affiliation or alliance to the left, right or lobbyist group, the MOST important thing we need to do is to be prepared.

RUN, HIDE and FIGHT (stones, fire extinguishers, etc.) hoping that a school resource officer or a law abiding legal gun owner can stop the mayhem.

Past blog but still highly relevant……

This is something that you should not only read about but actually practice regularly at home, in your office and even when on vacation.

Last weeks event at Bronx Lebanon Hospital was a reality check for all of us. It should question your personal preparedness plan for an active shooter scenario. Most of us, as of last week were ill prepared or even put much thought into the subject. We are in a constant state of denial instead of a state of readiness.

A positive mindset will not deny you the freedoms you have always enjoyed instead it will prepare you to react through muscle memory rather than pure emotion.

Situational awareness is the key to your well-being however mitigation and preparedness significantly increases your chances of survival.

Mitigation is the mere process of assessing risk wherever you are. For example, when going to movies, check for the shortest route to nearest exit before the lights go off or when staying at a hotel, walk the two nearest exits routes to the exterior to ensure doors are not blocked.

Prepare for the unknown by thinking through likely scenarios wherever you are. Visualize your reaction and options available. Identify gaps to your survival or escape and plan accordingly. For example, in an active shooter scenario, follow the basic instructions of RUN to nearest exit and find a safe place, HIDE in a secure room and block the doorway or FIGHT with weapons available to you such as a fire extinguisher,

The time to prepare is not when the incident occurs, you should do this today and practice it monthly by putting it on your calendar as a reminder.

Situational awareness and preparedness are the best tools for survival and you should make it your business to be great at both.

See Something, Say Something!

Be in charge of your own survival, don’t purely depend on others to do it for you!


P.S. My thoughts and prayers are with my brothers and sisters at Bronx Lebanon Hospital in the Bronx





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