via Daily Prompt: Scamper

Scampering from your past is worrisome to say the least since history has a way of repeating itself if not confronted head-on.

Scampering from your demons is setting oneself up for failure. However, facing your demons is not that easy especially if you don’t have the right tools at hand.

Where do I start? To be honest, it starts by being honest with oneself by asking the question “Why am I scampering”? Only once you get to the root cause, recovery can ensue. A caveat to consider, coming up short of the root cause, one remains vulnerable to repeat.

Running is not the solution, accepting and understanding is a great start to a new beginning. Putting forth an effort to quail the scampering and find the joy of life by confronting the causes is worthwhile undertaking. Stop allowing others to live rent free in your head is an awesome way to a new beginning.

Confront but don’t be confrontational, walk don’t scamper, and be mindful of your mindfulness.



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