There is an equal and opposite reaction to every action you take, and this was precisely the case when they implemented ISTOP protocols, requiring all physicians to register opiates prescriptions online. The philosophy was to reduce the number of prescriptions written by different doctors at the same time.

The hypothesis proved itself; however, they had not thought of the unintended consequence of raising the street cost of prescription medications from one dollar per milligram to ten dollars per milligram.

In reality, the vacuum of prescription narcotics on the streets was quickly filled by slick heroin dealers looking to make a buck by selling heroin at three dollars a bag.

The difference between 20 mg of OxyContin and a bag of heroin is the precise dosing and absorption rate. Not to mention the fact that heroin dealers find it necessary to lace their product with fentanyl or some other potent synthetic opiates to boot.

It has caused a sheer pandemic, with over nine hundred deaths in New York City just in 2014–2015 alone. From big cities to small hamlets, everybody now knows someone who is using or has lost a loved one to an accidental overdose.

Lately, it seems to be a daily occurrence to administer Narcan or to find another lifeless body in a dark alley or a parent’s basement.

In the case of heroin, one time might just be once too many!

Be prepared and carry NARCAN!

This is no longer a disease of the weak and poor, too many hard working middle class prescription addicts have turned to heroine and paid the ultimate price.



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