I have come to realize over the past few weeks that as leaders in our communities, houses of worship and employment, we need to do more to bring humanity back to its original roots and “Love thy neighbor like thy own”.

Recent tragedies at Bronx Lebanon Hospital or the ruthless murder of a NYPD Police Officer or over a 1000 shooting incidents in Chicago over the 4th of July Holiday and many more personal tragedies around the Country and World that never made the headlines got me thinking about humanity in the twenty-first century.

Although I strongly advocate to be proactive in our responses and practice them often, we don’t do enough to prevent the human breakdown which ultimately leads to a tragic event.

Rarely does an upstanding citizen wake up in the morning to go out and kill randomly. Most often is a culmination of many years of indoctrination, mental disease or negative interactions  that lead to poor decision-making and ultimately a blow out.

As Positude Leaders, we need to reassess how we interact with humanity at large and shift some of our focus towards prevention of breakdown in our families and communities that often lead to such tragic events.

We collectively have to raise awareness in our practices to pick up the early sign/symptoms of mental health illness such as depression, anger, bipolar, etc. We need to be in tune with our neighbors and look for sudden changes in behavior and be willing to reach out and intervene. We need to lead efforts in our school districts and places of worship to  identify early warning signals and to provide support to those in need.

We should ask more of our Social Media platforms to identify keywords and phrases of concern which could lead to preventative steps and interventions before actual crimes are committed.

Caring, loving, sharing and focusing on creating win/win scenarios rather than making people winners or losers.  We don’t need to compromise on tough love or setting high expectation or creating competitive environments to drive better outcomes. We need to raise our awareness levels and be mindful of those around us who might have fallen in a perpetual negative cycle of thinking. Ignore them and we all pay the price, embrace them with love and understanding providing them with the support systems needed to break the cycle will prevent a tragedy in the future.

Raise your situation awareness and mindfulness on humanity.

– W.

Maybe kindness can restore some tranquility and prevent a rampage. #Dr. Elizabeth Jenny-Avital

One thought on “Humanity…..we need some!

  1. Amen brother! Instead of just being kind when others interact with us, we should exude kindness and caring to others. “Paying it forward” doesn’t just have to be financial. A simple “good morning” or “good afternoon” to a stranger we come into contact with, or just pass in the hall, can do so much to having that kindness “paid forward” to the next person they interact with, and so and so on! Also, as you said, be aware of the people around you and in your circle of interaction. “See something, say (or do) something.” It shouldn’t just apply to strange bags or packages! Have a great day and pass it on!

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