Working with a sense of urgency is distinctively different from working with haste. I have seen it too many times and even been guilty of it on occasion.

Listening to a question and providing a solution before the speaker is finished, is an example of what happens everyday. Especially men are guilty of this too often. In our haste to provide a solution and need to fix things, at times we miss the real problem statement or just the need to be heard.

Same can be said about projects, processes or purchases if done with haste, it often leads to great waste of time, efforts and capital.

The prevent haste, build in time-outs or periods of thought before responding or taking action.

For example, while listening, focus on the speaker without drifting your thought into solution mode, each time it does, bring it back to hearing and processing what is being said. Before responding, take time to verify what you actually heard including defining the problem statement. If necessary, clarify before proceeding. This is most likely the most important difference between working with “haste v. urgency”.

It’s important for you to get it right not right now.

A thoughtful response is required and taking an appropriate amount of time is necessary to reduce waste and even your integrity.




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