Tomorrow, July 22, 2017 is going to be a special day at NYC Health + Hospital/Jacobi. I don’t often write  about work related events however tomorrow’s “Living with Cancer” conference is an exception to the rule.

I’m incredibly proud of the opportunity to greeting over 250 cancer survivors tomorrow and welcome them to our beautiful campus in Bronx, NY.

Surviving is about “Body, Mind and Soul”, it is about the person as a whole not just the sum of its parts. It reminded me of a recent conversation where an elderly Italian lady said  to her nurse that her food was horrible. The nurse was taken aback and wanted to know what was missing from her meal. Her answer was more shocking however it was the most powerful statement I have heard in quite some time.

The elderly Italian patient expressed that her dinner lacked “LOVE”. It was delivered to her by a staff member without a greeting or a smile, her food tray was cold and looked less than appetizing.

You might think to yourself, what in the World does this have to do with “Living with Cancer”, in actuality, it has everything to do with “Living with Cancer”.

It can’t be just about the medicine or science, it has to do with true love, empathy and caring from all that make contact with patients who are fighting the fight of their lives.

Tomorrow, I will be so incredible proud of my staff, volunteers and conference organizers for having put their heart and souls into this event to ensure its success.

Tomorrow, I will give love and show great empathy towards those who receive care and provide care to patients living with cancer.

It’s about heart, about true love and caring.

Be mindful in your way of living, give a little love each day to those who need it most.



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