You have got to love the moment a plan comes together like a 1500 piece puzzle when you lay down the last piece to complete the picture. Exhilarating to say the least.

Rarely does this happen by chance, just like building a house, it takes lots of planning and design to ensure you end up with a product or process that is desired.

As Positude Leaders, it is your role to clearly define the vision by articulating and providing context behind each piece of the puzzle  to the right person for the job. These foundational steps will ensure that you meet your measurable objectives as long as you conduct regular check ins to ensure variation is minimal.

Let’s review the five principles of project management excellence;

  1. Right People, Right Roles
  2. Unified Vision with a common bond & common understanding
  3. Defining measurable driver metrics
  4. Be accountable to self, team and institution
  5. Take countermeasures when variation occurs

Just like a Pilot who completes a checklist 100% of the time before landing his/her aircraft, you too should develop a checklist for the puzzle you are going to build albeit a new process, a conference or a new building.

Don’t rely on assumptions or your memory alone, use your checklist to ensure and validate that each component is in sequence and has found its spot. Only then can you be assured of a successful outcome.

It truly takes a team and your positude leadership is vital to motivate, inspire and celebrate their successes along the way.



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