Do you ever wonder why things just don’t go the way you thought they would or fail all together? We have all been there at some point in time, if you have not, you have not tried hard enough. Have you ever taken the time to dissect what went wrong? All too often, we move on without a complete postmortem leaving us vulnerable to repeat our mistakes once again.

To be successful, one needs to add the right ingredients into the mix to produce the desired outcomes. Each step needs to be measured, meaningful and mindful. Let’s breakdown each step of the process;

  1. Building a unified vision with common understanding & common knowledge
  2. Recruit the Right People into the Right Roles
  3. Provide context that drives incentive using meaningful driving and outcome metrics
  4. Dedicate the right resources (creativity before capital)
  5. Be Accountable & Take action

Failure to take these steps each time, will lead to frustration, confusion, anxiety, false starts or slow beginnings.

Commitment to sequential steps and using a checklist to ensure each step is completed before proceeding will enhance your success rate tenfold. Personally, I strongly advocate to include both driver and outcome metrics that are updated weekly which will provide near real-time feedback on progress being made.

Be mindful, don’t rush through the process and you will set yourself up for success.



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